Friday, 27 November 2009

Homeward bound

Friday 27th November
We say our goodbyes at the BOM head office and wend our way to the airport. This is a place to which I would love to return.

As I climb the stairs to the plane I thank God for bringing me to this beautiful land and for keeping us safe. The plane appears to be half filled with Africans taking a trip to a neighbouring country and the other half Western NGO-niks going on a new mission or returning home.

We skirt around Mt Kili and arrive in Nairobi at 6pm. The swallows, newly arrived from a Northern hemisphere summer, dart and dive overhead. We are now only just south of the Equator and are anticipating the chill of returning to mid-winter in the UK.

Nairobi as a hub is teeming with people from many different nations and yet there are many familiar sights not least Jamie Oliver cookbooks stacked along the shelves in the bookstore!

Both of us now can’t wait to be back in the embrace of our families.

Thank you for tracking our journey here on the blog.


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